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                             is a multi-faceted, training-based intervention designed to provide market-responsive educational opportunities for skills training and competency-developing programmes for young people  and those desiring to upgrade their skills thereby leveraging untapped human resources for jobs becoming available in both the oil and gas industry and other sectors of the economy. This is the response of Nations Incorporated to the objectives and direction outlined in the Local Content Policy (February 2021). The focus is on building skills beyond high school, but less than a university degree.


The goals of UpSkill Guyana are to:

  • Identify students who are unemployed, underemployed, young, indigenous, female, or disadvantaged by virtue of disability and (re)train in entry level and middle-skill positions and competencies to maximise the use of Guyanese in all sectors of the economy.

  • Ensure foundation and job-related skills are developed to ensure successful entry to the world-of-work.

  • Provide innovative, accredited, industry-relevant courses to enhance skill set and prepare for employment.

  • Train and develop the competencies and knowledge of those students to support the oil and gas industry, related supply chain processes and wider subject areas using appropriate accredited world-class curricula.

  • Support and mentor successful candidates as they enter the workforce in relevant positions and industries.

  • Access small start-up loans for equipment necessary for entrepreneurs.

  • Provide ongoing support and opportunities to students as they continue to train and upskill.

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