Welcome to our Kindergarten Department!

The early years of a child’s life are the most precious as the foundation for adulthood is shaped. We
take advantage of these years and expose our children to a variety of activities to stimulate and
invigorate learning through the important aspect of play. Our programme is inclusive of Language,
Mathematics, Science, World Studies, Chess, Robotics and Spanish amongst others.

Within our programme we aim to promote:

  • A caring environment based on our virtues programme;

  • A place to ‘attempt things’ without fear of failure;

  • A place where we respect and develop talent;

  • A place where we know that what we say matters;

  • A place where self-esteem is given a high priority;

  • A place where there is a strong relationship between parents, staff and children.

Our classes begin at 8:00 am and we dismiss at 12:00. Four days per week we have clubs for 25
minutes after school. A few of our clubs are: Life Skills, Drama, Choir, Robotics and Gardening.
Jump in with us and let’s explore, discover and create a new world!


Welcome to our Primary Department!

We believe that learning should be fun, engaging and thought provoking. The basis of learning lies in
the confidence of each child and respecting how each child learns. The rounded development of the
child is our focus. High standards of achievement are attained through a clear focus on teaching
and learning - in Literacy, Numeracy, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and across all
subject areas. We fulfil all National Curriculum requirements that lead to the National Grade Six
Assessment. However, we enhance our programme with Spanish, Music, Art, ICT, Robotics, Chess,
Library and Physical Education amongst others. In the Primary Department we create stepping-
stones for each child to “Make a Difference Today and Tomorrow”.


Welcome to our Special Education Department!

Our Special Education programme is designed with the child in mind, to strengthen his / her gifts and
talents while developing strategies to help each child self-manage and function effectively in society.
We use the BrainRX programme along with swimming, occupational therapy and an Individual
Learning Programme to stimulate each child. Children are also integrated into the regular classroom
and are engaged in any co-curricular activity they are passionate about, as each child learns
differently and at their own pace. Our programme is rooted in this concept and more importantly,
love of the child. In our system each child develops confidence, is challenged, and he / she begins to
see his / her potential. The success of our programme is the result of the excellent relationship
between home and school. The impact of this is exponential!



The highly successful Secondary programme offers a broad range of subjects in the Science, Business, Humanities and Arts streams.

Well equipped Science and Computer Laboratories assist in preparing students for the future. 

Not everything, however is academic in nature! A strong emphasis on Art, Dance, Music and Sports foster healthy lifestyles. In addition, Inter-House Debating Competitions; the Math and Science Day Challenge; Entrepreneur Day; entering of national essay, poetry and art competitions; Inter-House / Staff Cricket, Basketball and Table Tennis matches ensures the Secondary Department produces well-rounded students suitably prepared for further studies. 

In Fifth Form, students sit the Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE examinations in Science, Business and Humanities subjects. Cambridge IGCSE examinations develop application of knowledge rather than mere recall of facts. These qualifications from Cambridge International are recognized and highly valued in North America and throughout the world and form an excellent foundation for students to progress to Nations Sixth Form College and further studies.

Service to the school and the wider community is fostered through class projects including visits to orphanages and hospitals.


A special family rate applies for parents who have three or more children attending the school. For the third child and beyond, fees are reduced by one third.

PTA FEES G$500 per year

A one-time REGISTRATION FEE is payable on enrolment of G$9000 (US$100 Expatriates) per child or G$16,000 (US$160) per family.

Fees are subject to change.


All payments must be made by the second last week of the previous term.


Cheque payments are made out in the Name of

SCHOOL OF THE NATIONS. They may be made at the school's office. 



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Grade 10-11 (Form 4-5) 2019-2021

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