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Nations School of Law has been offering Law courses in Guyana for more than a decade, with its LLB Programme, though the University of London, seeing extensive growth over the last two years. Nations Inc now offers a dynamic pre-law program that sets the stage for

easy progression into the

LLB Programme.


This programme equips persons with the entry requirements for the LLB degree from the University of London.  For persons with 5 CSEC or IGCSE subjects at Grade 3 or above, a one year Pre Law course is undertaken comprising Cambridge University Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced Level courses in Law and Sociology. Students can choose to study either during the day or three evenings per week.


Students, however, who are over 21 years of age you can gain entrance to the LLB programme with one AL (Grade C or above) or 2 AS at Grade C or above.This one A-Level can be gained in five months in the accelerated programme offered from May to September each year for each year for exams in October.


The examinations are held each year in May / June.


This LLB qualification is offered by the University of London, and equips you with the relevant legal knowledge of over 12 substantive areas of law in preparation for either law school to obtain advocacy skills or a masters degree in any area of specialty.

These areas include:

- Common Law Reasoning & Institutions

- Criminal Law

- Law of Contract

- Public Law

- Law of Torts

- Equity & Trusts

- Property Law

- Jurisprudence Legal Theory

- EU Law

- Company Law

- Family Law

- Evidence

- Intellectual Property

The University of London (UOL) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK. Founded in 1836, the University of London is a federal university, made up of 17 Colleges and 10 specialist research Institutes. Among these Colleges are some of the best universities in the United Kingdom.

Master of Law( Oil and Gas or Business Law) LLM

The LLM courses are offered through the University of Bedforshire. The LLM courses are 10 month programmes offered on weekend days. Successful students will be awarded a Master of Laws(LLM) from the University of Bedofrshire.

International Oil and Gas Law courses
  • International Oil and Gas Contacts ( Upstream)

  • International Commercial Litigation ( Downstream)

  • International Commercial Arbitration

  • International Commercial Arbitration

  • Law Dissertation

International Business Law
Entry requirements
  • International Commercial Litigation

  • International Corporate Governance and Company Law

  • Investment Treaty Arbitration

  • Intellectual Property Law

  • Law Dissertation

Either a LLB or Joint Law Degree with a minimum classification of a 2.1, OR A degree in another discipline on the basis of merit.


Students will have the opportunity to obtain certificates in individual modules that make up the LLB course. Modules available include: 

- Company Law

- Family Law

- Intellectual Property

- Labour Law

- Commercial Law

- Evidence

For more information contact: 

Program Manager:

Ashme Singh


Contact: 227-4623/501-0582 or 662-3738

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