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A brief look at what some

of our past student, from various programmes and levels of schooling had to say

about their time at

Nations Incorporated.

Toshanna Allicock

Top Paper Award in Marketing Information Systems

I was born in Linden, in 1993. I was brought up in a small village by a single parent mother who sacrificed everything she possibly could to ensure my sister and I received the best education. I graduated as one of the top students from High School in 2010. My family has always been very supportive. I have younger cousins who see me as their role model. Their support means a lot to me.

While working as a customer care agent at Digicel Guyana I developed a passion for marketing.  My fiancé advised that I find out about the ABE marketing course at Nations and the rest is history. ABE has been the best decision of my academic life.

I now hope to develop practical experience in my field in another Caribbean territory.  One of the best things about ABE is that I have access to all the necessary resources to study at home or anywhere I travel if I'm unable to attend classes.

I have gained practical skills! I love the format of the study programme. Theory is good but more important to me is that ABE helps me to be more practical whether I'm home or at work.

My future dream is to study Civil Law. I hope to combine these two qualifications to own my own business and to use everything I've learnt to run a successful company.

Alisha Alli

Top Paper Award in Strategic Marketing Management

I’m the youngest member of my family of four from Georgetown.  Immediately, after school I began my professional career at a local financial institution whilst simultaneously pursuing my studies in accounting and project management.  I am currently a manager and accountant at one of the largest investment companies locally.

I chose to study ABE to further enhance my management and business skills and develop my career since ABE is quickly becoming a recognized and leading qualification of professionals in Guyana.

ABE is very well known, many employers as well as the general public respect the qualification.  ABE is also comprehensive and flexible and since it is an internationally recognised professional qualification it is the ideal starting point to a successful career in business.

After ABE my immediate plan is to continue furthering my studies in business and management by completing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

ABE offers tremendous flexibility to study and learn at your own pace which is well suited to young professionals like myself with a full-time job and extra-curricular activities.  Also, ABE offers more than theoretical learning and encourages practical thinking which is valuable when managing a company on a daily basis.

ABE teaches me to think analytically and enables me to apply what I studied and what the lecturers taught me to real world scenarios.  It has also helped me to improve my communication skills with clients and business partners.                                     


My long term career plans are to eventually set up and grow my own business and also to guide, help and educate other young persons, especially women in my country, on the value and benefits of furthering their education.

Deirdre Sacha Campbell

Top Paper Award in Introduction to Quantitative Methods

I belong to a family of four. I am currently employed at Southland International, distribution company located in Eccles.

When I was done with high school, I wanted to further my education with a well-organised and flexible programme.  ABE was suggested to me and I agreed right away.  I like the flexibility and the interest shown in the students, despite it being tertiary education.

Employers and the public are both very impressed with ABE.  Long term I would like to have my own business and to run it with ease.

Alena Callender

Top Paper Award in Personnel Administration

Being the eldest of three girls, all late starters in the education system and all over achievers, it was only fitting that I would choose the best place to study.


My family lives in Timehri in Guyana, a  stones throw away  from the  International  Airport  and my sisters and I are all involved in jobs in the aviation sector.  This is a very dynamic and changing industry and as such the need to be able to adapt quickly to new roles makes it imperative that my qualifications are versatile.

I work as the operations and service manager with Suriname Airways and having to  deal with a host of different personalities made me decide to get qualified to do so.  I chose ABE as my avenue of study primarily because of the great reviews of the programme given by former students and the difference it made in their lives, as well as the flexibility in study options and the convenience to me.

ABE is highly recognised and recommended and gives a real advantage in the world of work. I plan move on to the highest level of study offered by university. 

I find the lectures were very much hands on when it comes to studying, offering assistance in whatever form was needed, the material was presented in a clear concise and well planned out in a way that really assisted the me  in being well prepared for success.

Through ABE I have gained a vast wealth of knowledge that puts issues and the entire working experience into perspective.  It sheds light on how to do better at what is required of me and to understand the inner workings of the job as a whole.  It has given me a higher level of people skills.

Lots of reading is the key to successful study.  Reading both the study manuals and making use of the other materials available to you on the website.  For those that work and study, as I do, it's important to find that balance and keep motivated and determined to see it through.

My long term plan is to get into the field of Human Resources as there is a growing need in this region for people  management skills. It is an essential part of any successful organisation.

Naresh Rhajcoomar

Top Paper Award in Personnel Administration

I am an enthusiastic twenty year old.  I am the youngest of three children and reside with my family of five. I am an active vocalist and worship leader in my local church and I honour God above anything else. I have a passion for music, art and understanding different personalities.   

I am employed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation in the capacity of a Senior Clerical Assistant within the Human Resources Department. I have been a part of the Human Resources Team for the past three years. I am now building the on the foundation of my career by pursuing my studies in Human Resources Management.

After diligently researching quite a number of other educational institutions, I chose ABE since the level of qualification is remarkably high and internationally recognised. Also, ABE allows me to study at my own pace and is most convenient for me as an employed individual.

Based on reviews from various members of the public and other ABE students, the public and most employers recognise ABE as a leading academic organisation with exceptional standards of qualifications.

At the moment, I am completing the final unit of the Level 4 in Human Resources Management, and at the same time I have commenced the Level 5 (HRM and HRD), and will further pursue Level 6.  My desire is to earn a scholarship to complete my Masters degree in this field, and then lecture in Human Resources Management part-time since there is a great demand for the specialised skills required.

With ABE I find the ability to streamline and balance my work and studies is most satisfying and provides the much needed flexibility to handle the given variables. I have developed better interpersonal and leadership skills and I am now able to perform my duties in a more professional manner through the range of my knowledge in HR being extended continuously.

My strategy for studying has been reading and reflecting on notes after every lecture which is a great way of retaining what has been taught. Also, being able to immediately apply theories in practical situations and using what is taught definitely aids studying.

My most important long term goal is to become a renowned and qualified individual in the field of Human Resource Management, thus achieving greater success in my career.

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Bruce Testimonial[336].jpg

Bruce Camacho


Nations Graduate School, through its partnership with University of Bedfordshire, has brought incredible opportunities to the shores of Guyana.

In just over a year, I earned my MBA in Oil and Gas Management while working full time and managing a small business. With flexible hours, affordable tuition fees and monthly installments, I was able to easily complete the programme and attain my MBA.

Take a moment and explore the plethora of opportunities with Nations.

Create a Legacy, Leave your footprint with the help of Nations.

Hemnauth Singh Testimonial [337].jpg

Hemnauth Singh


...Armed with my technical experience and an MBA from University of Bedforshire through Nations, I have now taken up a key role within my organization as the Account Service and Products Manager.

Student voice_Susanah Saywack (002)[338]

Susanah Saywack


According to "Kate Lusk, Education means inspiring someone's mind, not just filling their head", and that is what I received at Nations.

Nations graduate school has an open door policy where both administration staff and professors are always willing to help with any problem, listen to student ideas and aid in implementing suggestons.

During my MBA journey at Nations, I received a demanding and rich curriculum where I experienced the pleasure of exchanging ideas with classmates. I received extensive guidance from lecturers and support from Admin thus increasing my theory and practical skills in obtaining my MBA Degree.

Vishuanauth KVP Doerga - MBA

Owner/Director/Private Sector Leader

I recommend that prospective and current business owners

undertake the 12 Month MBA as this will have a tremendous

positive impact on their business.

Rama Persaud - MBA (Finance)

Finance Manager (Skeldon Estate)

I found the programme to be exciting and challenging and had no difficulty fitting it into my lifestyle.

Shonnet Moore - MBA (Marketing Management)

Public Relations Manager (Digicel Guyana)

I am now fully equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the corporate world.

Indranauth Haralsingh - MBA

Director of Tourism (Guyana Tourism Authority)

One of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences, the AIB MBA has been a perfect fit in my busy lifestyle, professional development and carer advancement.

Farah Amin - MBA

Coordinator - Safety Equipment Department (Associated Industries Limited)

Having a Master's Degree from AIB is an achievement I'm proud of.

Bibi Saudia Jamaladeen - MBA

Administritive Assistant (Ministry of Health, Guyana)

I would rate the practicality of the programme as A+ (excellent).

Christina Samaroo - MBA

Research & Marketing Officer (Ministry of Tourism, Industry & Commerce, Guyana)

The MBA programme enabled me to think outside the box when making decisions. It also gave me a different outlook on life; that is, some things that seemed achievable are achievable now.

Ruth Autar - MBA

International Marketing Manager (Edward B Beharry & Company Limited)

The knowledge acquired and friendships that were developed have enriched my personal and professional life.

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