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Nations  Research Institute (NURI) is an international collaboration of experts in the fields of education, disability, public health, prison reform, youth leadership, management and international development.

NURI’s mission is to contribute to the field of development with the aim of ever-advancing the quality of lives of people in Guyana and further afield. NURI local staff members have undertaken consultancies in 23 countries in recent years.

It has a number of associates based in North/South America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They have all served in national and international capacities in various forms of development work all over the world. NURI brings a multi-faceted approach to development work as well as extensive experience of working for the betterment of humanity.

NURI has developed a set of basic premises which may be summarized as follows:

  • The purpose of development is the well-being of people in terms of material, intellectual, social and spiritual fulfillment. 

  • Man’s individual development cannot be fostered in isolation from the institutions and structures of the society. Indeed, it is through commitment to the progress of society that an individual can achieve personal development.

  • Effective social and individual progress requires a unified vision of the individual and the society. Such a vision can begin to set in motion social processes that address the material and spiritual aspects of life in a unified way. Together such processes impel development.

  • Development therefore, can never be a product that is created outside of a region or a people and then delivered to them. To be effective, development can only be envisioned in the context of the participation of people and their institutions, which must consciously tread their own path of individual and social progress.

  • Development cannot be a process of simply imitating the so-called ‘developed countries'. The very emphasis on the material aspects of those cultures has contributed towards the fragmentation of the moral fabric of those societies, we need therefore to explore new understandings of the term “development”.


This is NURI’s aim.

The most recent consultancy in 2019 2020 was on behalf of the IDB and the Ministry of Public Security in Guyana and focussed on prison reform. The consultancy offered training to inmates and prison officers in the area of psychological skills, entrepreneurship, and literacy. 

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