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Nations Incorporated, is a private tertiary education provider which evolved from School of the Nations almost two decades ago. Nations Incorporated runs a number of schools of excellence offering courses in the fields of Business, Management, Law, Education, Accounting and Technology.

Registered with the National Accreditation Council (NAC) to operate as an educational institution in Guyana, Nations Incorporated offers a wide range of qualifications, including MBA, LLB, LLM, MA Education,BA (Top Up) Business Administration and a number of Advanced Diplomas and Certificates from various awarding bodies, including the University of London,  University of Cambridge, University of Bedfordshire, ACCA, Project Management Institute (PMI)®  and the Association of Business Executives (ABE).

Nations sees education as a means of realising individual potential and a powerful force in the transformation of society.

The campus is located in the centre of Georgetown. Nations offer both online and Face-to-Face  modalities. Online classes are recorded and made available for students to review later in the course. Face-to-Face courses are held in custom build classrooms.

Nations Incorporated is a leading educational provider in Guyana offering tuition to over 2500 tertiary students. Nations is the 3th largest center for ABE of their 245 centers worldwide and has received many top paper awards over the years.


Our team of educators bring together a host of practical experience and theoretical knowledge of each of their different areas of specialization. 

Brian O.png

Dr. Brian O’Toole

Dr. O'Toole is a lecturer at Nations University of Management Practice, Theory into Practice Project. He is a qualified lecturer possessing a PhD, MSc, BA Hons and is experienced in 6 years teaching at Masters level, he worked as an International Consultant for several UN agencies in 36 countries on Education, Disability, and Literacy Projects.

Dexter P.png

Dr. Dexter Phillips

Dr. Phillips is a lecturer at Nations University in the following areas of Leading & Managing Organizational Resources Strategy, The Global Competitive Environment, Management Practice, Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship. He possess a PhD, MBA, Ed.D and 20 years of experience in international teaching at University level, written an IB textbook on business and mentored Masters & PhD students.

Simone P.png

Ms. Simone Phillips

Ms. Phillips lectures at Nations University in the following areas of Leading & Managing Organizational Resources, Strategy & the Global Competitive Environment, Management Practice, Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She is well qualified in MBA, MSc as her experience states 15 years teaching experience internationally.

Ren updated.jpg

Mr. Renato Gonzales

Mr. Gonzales is a lecturer at Nations School of Business and Management in the areas of Management Practice, Theory into Practice, International & Comparative HRM. He finished the following degrees: Masters in Management, LLB, Masters of Science in Psychology and BSc Psychology. He  has been teaching at the MBA level for the past 8 years,  He is an International  Management and Psychology Consultant, HR Manager and Chief Operations Officer at the  Eureka Medical Laboratory  Inc.

Jimmy B.png

Mr. Jimmy Bhojedat

Jimmy is a lecturer in Managing Modern Health Care Organizations. He is a qualified lecturer in Masters in Project Management, Masters in Public Health, Associate Degree in Medical Technology. His experiences consists in the following areas as the World Bank Project Coordinator at Ministry of Education, Director Caribbean HIV/ AIDS Alliance, Consultant on Health Sector Development for Ministry of Health, Programme Manager European Union.

Kamla R.png

Ms. Kamla Rampersad

Ms. Kamala who is based in Trinidad lectures at Nations University in the following areas of Leading & Managing Organizational Resources, Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She qualifies in LLB and MBA and is experienced in 6 years of teaching MBA and  Director Consulting Service

Colin T.png

Mr. Colin Thompson

Mr. Thompson is a lecturer at Nations University in the areas of Leading & Managing Organizational Resources and Business Economics. He is qualified in MBA, ACCA, BSc while he has experienced 5 years teaching on MBA, Deputy Programme Manager at CARICOM and Finance Controller of DDL.

Renne C.png

Mr. Renne Chester

Mr. Chester Lectures at Nations University in the areas of Digital Technology Management and Digital Marketing & Communications. He qualifies in MBA and BA while experienced as a Marketing Manager at Guyana National Shipping Corp and a Digital Marketing Officer at GT&T.

​Shamar Quintin.jpg

Shamar Quintin

Shamar Quintin is one of our youngest Facilitator that is currently pursuing a second Master in Arts – International Relations and World Order from the University of Leicester as this is his passion. He currently holds a Bachelor of Arts – History with the University of Guyana and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB). Shamar occupation is an ISO/BCMS Coordinator at Massy and a Part-Time lecturer at the Nations School of Business & Management in the areas of Marketing.


“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style”

ABE Lecturer


Anna Mohase Fox

Ms. Anna acquired both her BSc in Business Management and PGDip in Development Studies from the University of Guyana, PGDIP in Project Management from the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business (UWI), Advanced Certificate in Supervisory Management from the Caribbean Institute for Quality (CIQ), American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Loyola University, New Orleans. In 2013 she was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship to pursue her Master from Bangor University, UK.  Ms Anna has had the pleasure of being part of the dynamic team of lecturers and support staff at Nations School of Business & Management since 2010, lecturing in the field of Human Resources and Marketing.

ABE Lecturer


Ashme Singh

Ms Ashme Singh is the Head of the Nations School of Law, she graduated as Valedictorian at Zeeburg Secondary in 2000 she went on to pursue her Bachelors of Law (LLB) at the University of Guyana and then opt for the challenge of Accounts and is now an ACCA Affiliate where she was presented with the Special Award for achieving the highest average in the Professional level for ACCA Examinations in the Caribbean for 2013. Ms Singh then decided her career need an extra boost and furthered her studies by self-studying her Masters of Law (LLM) with the most prestigious University the University of London. She now has approximately 10 years’ experience lecturing the ACCA F4 (Corporate & Business Law), ICM - Business law and Project Management (specifically the Financial and commercial framework), lecturing the LLB (London External Programme) at Nations School of Law and lecturing Principles of Business Law, The Business Environment, Corporate Finance, Managing in Organization and Corporate Strategy & Planning with the Association of Business Executives.

Ms. Singh lives by the following quotes, “the more difficult the challenge the more rewarding the triumph” and “we are what we repeatedly do, therefore excellence is not an act it’s a habit.”

ABE Lecturer


Twenty one years ago Brian was undertaking a UNICEF consultancy in West Africa. One weekend I was free and a friend took me to Lome in Togoland to see a private school operated by a young couple. That brief visit was highly significant. It proved to be the inspiration for Nations in Guyana.  That visit was in April and by September of that year School of Nations opened its doors.


We would like to thank some of the pioneer families  from twenty years ago who entrusted their children to our care when Nations was just a vision. To Ian and Mary McDonald,  Bernie and Anita Fernandes, Mr & Mrs Hilbert Shields, the Lyes, Mr and Mrs Williams and others from twenty years ago thank you for your faith in our hopes. 


From that inauspicious birth in an impoverished West African country Nations has surely come a long way.


Nations now operates a well developed pre school, primary and secondary departments & has welcomed students from 47 countries over the past two decades.  


Nations is delighted to have a number of students with special needs including children with Downs Syndrome, vision and hearing difficulties and Autism fully integrated into the regular school. In addition a number of children with profound disabilities attend the Special Unit which is part of School of the Nations. 


In the 5th & 6th Forms the students write the prestigious University of Cambridge IGCSE and Advanced Level examinations. Nations 6th Formers have gone on to earn Undergraduate, Masters and PhD degrees from some of the top Universities internationally.  An integral part of the 6th Form experience is the service project where students work in orphanages, the special unit attached to Nations, tutor children in language or maths skills or work on the Tiger Bay project. More than 80 children from Tiger Bay come into Nations 2 or 3 times per week to benefit from tutoring in maths, English, and computer skills. This programme has operated for the past 6 years and receives funding from our neighbours, including Stanley and Michelle Mings and the New Thriving Restaurant.  


​Nations began its tertiary provision almost 18 years ago by offering a series of International Diplomas from the University of Cambridge. More than 450 students earned these diplomas in; ICT, ​Travel & Tourism, Office Management, Business and Teacher Training.  Other courses have been offered by the Institute of Commercial Management in the UK, and the Association of Business Executives also in UK.


More than 45 students are now enrolled at Nations in the University of London LLB programme. 


Nations formed a partnership with the Australian Institute of Business (AIB) and has now enrolled more than 400 persons onto the MBA programme that Nations offers in collaboration with AIB. 


We are in the process of holding consultations with five top UK universities re other diplomas, certificates and degrees in the fields of; travel & tourism, educational leadership, oil and gas, technology subjects and policy studies. The Directors on Nations will be undertaking a two week visit to UK in late November and early December  to visit 6 top UK universities to develop new partnerships and to introduce other programmes to Guyana.


The research branch of Nations, Nations Research Institute (NURI),  has already undertaken consultancies with UNICEF, the World Bank, IADB and the ILO in areas such as child labour, HIV/AIDs, disability studies, literacy and early stimulation. We are delighted to welcome the former Chief Education Officer, Mr Olato Sam, to take charge of NURI.     


​It has therefore been a long journey from that visit to Lome in West Africa.​  But my wife and I have been enriched by every step taken over the past two decades and look forward eagerly to what the future has in store for the Nations family.


- Brian and Pam O'Toole

Nations Family
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